Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bra show

We all need some extra support. Whether it's for lifting, needing to feel sexy or keeping the girls in place, bras can be a girls best friend. But showing your bra in public like this, isn't sexy.
When trying outfits on make sure they fit not only your body correctly, but that your bra isn't showing. Even with dresses you need to do the clothing check when buying your clothes. I tend to sit down, bend, squat, etc. Just so I can make sure I'm not hanging out or showing any panties or bras. Ladies I insist in clothing checks!!! There's no quicker way for a chic sexy outfit to turn trashy when showing your bra.


Theta Mom said...

Yikes...I'm with ya! You should do a double check, especially when wearing a tank top.

Jennifer said...

she's just trying to be like Carrie in Sex and the City! Thanks for a fun read

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