Friday, June 19, 2009

There is a gap in the mall.

Yay! My son finally broke his fever! He is doing sooo good today. Since he is doing so well I loaded him up along my sisters and their kids and headed over to the mall so we could go to the GAP. They are having a sale on men's leather flip flops and we wanted to take advantage of it. With Fathers day staring us in the face and all.
We arrived and were walking through the mall towards the store. We arrive at the location for the GAP, and it is not there. We quickly run to the mall directory, there must be a problem. Maybe they moved the store to a bigger location, right? NO! There is NO GAP!!! Who are they kidding? What is a mall without a GAP? Heartbroken we made our way to the food court and made ourselves happy with full bellies. At least Chick-Fil-A was still there!


Jill said...

The GAP has been gone for a while and I have been sad. I went to use a gift card when I discovered it. Glad you had some good food though.

Jessica Milkwick said...

I went to the GAP in Rome. I got the flip flops for $6.99 each! Leather ones at that!!!

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