Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shoe Worthy

Gladiator footwear can be thrilling. They can make an evening outfit set for the town look dazzling. But when your foot looks like it belongs in Caesars Palace, you should change your shoes!!

I mean ladies, seriously? This is not fashion forward.

This shoe actually makes me laugh. I think when creating this shoe, they decided to add all the extra fabric around the ankle so the shoe would stay on your foot, because that little cork between your toes seems like it would just be annoying.

This one is Caesar the Alien vs Fashion. I'm pretty certain the Aliens won.

I never knew you could buy your socks attached to the shoe. Wow, these fashion designers are smart! Forget bringing a blanket to the movies to keep my feet warm, I've got my sock in a shoe!

On a more serious note. What we put on our feet says a lot about us. We don't have to break our wallet to look good anymore. The next couple of shoes you will see I found on These shoes are cute and trendy and will look great on everyone! We can all have style at great prices.

All of the fashion NO shoes were found at incredibly ridiculous prices online at I will agree that Zappos is a great shoe site. I have shopped there often. I don't always understand why people pay hundreds of dollars on shoes that cost only a few bucks to make. Buy shoes because they look great on you and they are worth it. Don't buy shoes because it's what the latest magazine says is in style.


Just For Me And You-Megan&Erica said...

Those gladiator shoes pictured are seriously freaky!! I actually only like the first pair of Payless shoes.

mnmspecial said...

I would love to try on the cork things just to see! lol

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