Monday, June 8, 2009

Prints are in....but not all of them ladies.

This summer season prints are big. But you have to be careful in your selection because some of these prints are unflattering on everyone!
For insistence. Polka-dots have always been a crowd pleaser. But the color and size of the dots are too busy and are distracting for all the wrong reasons. This dress, has too many things happening. The buttons should have been traded out for a zipper. Having the dots not match up just make the dress look disorient and make you look like a mess.

Take this print of polka-dots. It's adorable and would look great with a pair of jeans for a simple casual outfit or even match it with a cute white pencil skirt to dress it up a bit.

Animal prints come and go through fashion. These types of prints can be fun and show your wild side. But since when did looking like Pebbles become a fashion yes? I say it is a definite fashion no. Unless it's Halloween or caveman day, ladies please don't look like you belong to the Flintstones.

I'm loving this print here though. Snag a bright red cardigan with this, some skinny jeans and yellow shoes, you got a top trend outfit and set to go out on the town.

Floral. There are a lot of do's and don'ts that many women tend to not realize when it comes to choosing a floral print. Floral's are very feminine. But if chosen incorrectly and with little thought, they can make you look childish and unsophisticated.

This dress has great colors, but the shape of the bottom and how bold this pattern is, I feel it to be something I would have worn in 1995. Women to dress their age and when to be approached looking like a woman, not a little girl.

These next two dresses are adorable and have that sweet taste of feminine touch that every woman loves. The prints are just bold enough to make an incredible statement.

Plaids are always in style in my book. I find them to be comfortable and a classic trendy style. Plaids should be worn in a way that doesn't look like Laura Ingles Wilder and Sarah Jessica Parker had a baby together.
If this dress was only solid, it would be the perfect dress for a cocktail party. But it went dead wrong when plaid became it's focus point.

This ruffled plaid top is so cute. I'm a big ruffles girl and if I can find one that's plaid, I feel like a winner. It's the way plaid should be worn. Feeling sexy and not feeling like you need to pull a handcart or wagon around.

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Audrey and Geoffery said...

I agree with all of these and these are all adorable! I'm excited for your posts because I LOVE your style. By the way, next time I'm in Provo, we are going shopping and you are going to be my personal shopper and tell me what to buy!

Kris said...

What an interesting fashion post! I love all the pictures you shared!

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