Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pink Nothings

Pink Nothings will be here to supply you with all my "wisdom" from being a first time mom. As I go through this experience I will let you know what has worked best for me, from products to wives tales. I also love to find giveaways and will post the ones that spark my interest most. Enjoy or just don't come back, either way I move forward with the Pink Nothings movement!

Pink Nothings.


Stacy said...

so what happens when you have a girl?

very cute website! i'm excited to follow it!

Rachel said...

Fun Becky Boo!

Amy said...

Rebecca, I think it's awesome how neat you are. You seem to be very organized and I really admire all you talk about on your blog. Your ambition is really something. I need to be more like you.

cutesieclips said...

Hi Rebecca! Your blog is so cute! Send me an email and maybe we can do a giveaway. Here's my shop Talk to you soon...Jennifer (Eppler)

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